Esoteric Mentoring and Coaching

Throughout the years John Coughlin has worked within various mentorship programs, both professional and those of a more initiatory and/or magical nature. Currently he is expanding this role through formal life coach certification. While coaching is different from mentoring, many of the skills tie into the mentoring process offering, improving the process..

Anyone with an open mind who sincerely wishes to grow is welcome to request consideration for esoteric coaching or mentoring.  Sessions can be in-person for those in the NYC or Putnam County areas or via Skype, phone, chat, or email based on your preferences.

There are three general paths which can be taken:

1) First-steps – for those just starting out and requiring some direction in occult studies and magical practice. This is more teacher-student type relationship for specific skills, although approached more from a mentor perspective in that mentees are encouraged to find their own answers through collaborative exploration.

2) Self-transformation – for those seeking to further themselves as more potent individuals and push past personal challenges. (This is less about magic and more about practical results in general, but we could certainly tie in magical work to this if desired or relevant.) This would be considered an example of Esoteric Coaching.

3) Specific skill set mastery – for those seeking to learn a specific subject or skill, be it specifically esoteric-related or that of general self development or author/publisher related services. This could be approached either as mentoring or coaching depending on what would work best for you.

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What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?

Both use many of the same skills, and a good mentor is also a good coach.

Mentoring has an element of teaching you specific skills. For example showing self-publishing authors how to get listed into the Library of Congress, or create a kindle version of their book.  At the same time it will rely on coaching to help clarify goals and meet various objectives, keeping the client accountable. I treat mentoring as coaching with some teaching as needed.

Coaching is more of a working relationship where the coach works under the assumption that their clients have what they need to find their own answers and vision.  Coaches ask the questions and note various insights, letting the client ultimately steer the ship.

What are some examples of how Esoteric Coaching and Mentoring can be used?

  • Dealing with first steps for those new on a magical path, cutting past the traps that waste time, money and energy.
  • Finding balance in spiritual, magical and daily life.
  • Shifting into more focused and personal spiritual practice.
  • Living a more magical life.
  • Pushing past blockages and ruts in one’s magic and spirituality.
  • Deepening one’s spiritual and/or magical practice.
  • Developing a magical persona.
  • Finding or forming a magical or spiritual community.
  • Improving leadership in running and forming covens, groves, and study groups.
  • Any of the areas one would discuss with a “regular” life coach but with a spiritual or magical focus or angle.