Public Appearances

John Coughlin does not actively solicit for speaking engagements but welcomes invitations when they fit his schedule. Those wishing to request an appearance at an event may send details for consideration. Generally travel and accommodation expenses are expected to be covered when not local. Other fees may be requested and will vary depending on the budget and nature of the event.

Past lectures include but are not limited to:

  • Reclaiming darkness in Paganism
  • An introduction to the Left Hand Path
  • Shadow work as a tool of High Magic
  • A sigil primer workshop
  • A magician’s dream work primer
  • Cyber magic in the new millennia
  • The history and evolution of Wiccan ethics
  • A magician’s guide to Neuro Linguistics Programing
  • The Path of Mastery and its Role in Personal Initiation

Have a different topic in mind? Ask! John is well-versed in many subjects and enjoys coming up with new lectures and workshops.

Some past events John has spoken at:

  • Mid-atlantic Pagan Alliance Beltane (NJ)
  • Adirondack Pagan Pride Day (NY)
  • Winterstar (Ohio)
  • Court of Lazarus (NYC)
  • Silver Branch Pagan Picnic (NY)
  • Pagans United for Religious Education (NY)
  • Temple of Set North East Regional Gathering (NY)